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The Complete Guide To Creating A Highly Profitable Dental Practice by Scott J Manning MBA

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Since you're here reading this message, I think I can safely assume a couple things:

  • You’re ready to take your practice beyond “survival mode” and the constant battle to attract a never-ending stream of new patients through your doors...

  • You're tired of not having the impact, the influence, and income you want and deserve...

  • And finally, I’d wager there’s times you feel you're the best kept secret in your community.

If so, you're definitely in the right place.

For nearly two decades, I’ve helped independent Dentists reclaim their right to practice as they wish, to earn what they deserve, and to create a lifestyle and dental practice of their own design.

The key to making this happen involves acting quickly on the strategies described in my new book:

“The Complete Guide to Creating a Highly Profitable Dental Practice”

It’s the most comprehensive book I’ve written to date and inside I reveal precisely how North America’s most successful Independent Dentists are engineering the practices (and lifestyles) of their dreams.

When you receive your book, you’ll discover:

  • The hidden cracks in your practice operations costing you money, time, and opportunity with a misuse of your treatment rooms, scheduling conundrums, and under-utilized capacity and space. (This will blow your mind.) (Page 208)

  • How to effectively leverage the “WOW effect” from the very first moment of patient interaction... (skip this and your superior technical skills and dedication to service could very well get overlooked forever) (Page 71)

  • Easy Steps to Maximizing your Hygiene Department to serve the overall goals and mission of your Practice and health of your Patients. (Page 99)

  • How to effectively empower your Team to take the greatest advantage of their time and talents for the business side of dentistry (the stuff you probably rarely talk with them about, but they actually long to understand). (Page 76)

  • The key risk factors that "make or break" the life-time value of every patient you serve - starting from the exact moment they first walk through your front door. (Page 128)

  • The 3 highest profit-inducing, production-multiplying Schedule Control methods – just these minor adjustments alone will immediately result in a huge escalation in your daily collections. (Page 159)

  • The single most important strategies you (and your Associates) can use to create a multi-income stream practice system, with niche procedures, advanced dentistry, comprehensive care, and (if you so desire) multiple providers. (Page 108)

And that’s only the beginning of what you'll find inside.

At last you CAN have the practice you’ve dreamed of along with true financial freedom… simply by employing the strategies revealed in my new book.

Best of all – there’s no charge, this book is my gift to you. Grab your FREE copy of “The Complete Guide to Creating a Highly Profitable Dental Practice” now before available copies run out.

Scott J Manning MBA
To Your Dental Success Today,
Scott J. Manning, MBA
Founder, Dental Success Today

About The Author

Scott J. Manning, MBA has dedicated nearly 20 years of his career to helping Dentists across North America create successful businesses based around their values and goals - with a focus on transforming Dental Practices in order to maximize the degree to which Dentists experience happiness, fulfillment, and of course, profits.

He has created specialized formulas and protocols that form what he calls the Practice Profit Blueprints - a suite of integrated business systems designed to help Dentists optimize their time in the office. These principles are now the key to Creating a Highly Profitable Dental Practice.

"Scott’s methods have revolutionized the way I practice. We do more big cases, our cash flow is improved, and team morale is higher than ever before. As the practice has grown, I have also managed to decrease my clinical days by over 25%."

Dr. Vickers, TX

"It really can happen... I mean these things don't just happen by themselves, but it's not as hard as you think it's going to be. If you take one step at a time and keep the focus, and stick with the guidance it's going to work. It works better and faster than I thought."

Dr. Cioffi, FL

"Exceeded all expectations... delivered much more than I could’ve ever anticipated."

Dr. Mulder, MI

"He knows his stuff. Very knowledgeable. He’s got the experience. A brilliant guy and a great teacher."

Dr. Browning, TX

You will discover "how truly special Scott is and how much his exquisite insight into the workings of the dental mind" will benefit your practice."

Dr. Ferris, IL

"You’ve been worth $300/hour in collections’ increase... Anybody who tells you they don’t want an extra $300 in every hour of every day they work, they’re crazy. And the best thing is it’s all profit."

Dr. Bartish, OH


As an exclusive bonus, when you claim your free book, you'll also receive an instant digital download of my critically important report: How You Sabotage Your Case Acceptance.

The truth is, more often than not you negate all the positive actions you take to ensure high case acceptance with just a few practice missteps. Indeed, you can do everything right but still sabotage yourself in key ways (or have other team members sabotage you) - and never even realize it.

This report identifies the five critical mistakes to avoid and eliminate from your patient experience once and for all.

The Complete Guide To Creating A Highly Profitable Dental Practice by Scott J Manning MBA

Claim Your Free Copy
Of The Brand New Book
by Scott J Manning, MBA

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